Rebuilding Before It Was Finished

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David Kirtley

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Dec 17, 2012
Well, I picked up a 3d printer kit but wasn't happy with the original design. Not that worried as it was only $200. I couldn't have gotten all the parts for much different.

The biggest problem with the original was that the gantry sucked. The leadscrew was on one side and the gantry jerked when moving. The mount point for the leadscrew nut was also flimsy and flexed.

The rebuild will be with old printer and scanner rods to make a bit larger build area and they are what I have on hand. I am going to change a bit and add a second gantry leadscrew. I have not decided yet if I am going to go with a 1/4-20 leadscrews or 1/2-10 acme. Since it is on the z-axis, it really won't make any difference in print speed. Again, that is what I have on hand. It originally came with mxl belts but I will switch to GT2. Yep, already have some.

The bearing blocks will be UHMW-PE for the bed and z-axis and some ball linear bearings for the printhead that came with it originally along with the longer upright rods that will be long enough.

Anyway. here is today's progress so far:


The upright is not attached to the bed yet because I don't know how things will align until I get the gantry built.
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