Rebuilding Bench At Mt. Pisgah

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May 6, 2012
This is my most recent project which will bring me up to date. I have done so many restoration type projects in my life that I typically avoid them, but I was asked by a board member to do a special project.

Involved was a special bench built over sixteen years ago and donated to the arboretum. When we arrived we found the bench in sad shape. The lower 4x4 seat boards had fallen off in disrepair making the bench a liability. I removed them and took them to my shop for salvaging, anticipating replacement with new.

Starting the job.jpg
The bench back and supports were in bad shape so the first step was to sand down the old wood. Notice that the 4x4 seats were missing. The 4x4 seat boards had been doweled into the base where they had rotted. My first step was to sand off the rotted wood on the supports, dig out the rotted wood and seal and fill. The bench back of incense cedar had stood the test of time well.
Bench after adding brackets.jpg
A marine epoxy sealer was used to coat the exposed wood, soaking deeply into the fibers.
After sealing I fabricate and installed the angle iron supports destined to replace the doweling system.
Adding roofing tape.jpg
I added adhesive roofing repair tape over both the angle iron and the existing base to protect the wood supports in the future.
Adding Refinished 4x4 seats.jpg
The old 4x4 seat boards, after planing finished nicely, losing 1/2" in each dimension. They were then sealed and finished and attached with Simpson bolts from the bottom.
Finished bench.jpg
This shows the finished bench. Several coats of a urethane varnish/teak oil finished the project. Thanks to my wife, we finished it up and will renew it yearly so it doesn't deteriorate.

I pledged that my next project will be a metal fabrication one using new metals. Next project is to add a DRO to my Bridgeport Mill.

Ulma Doctor

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Feb 2, 2013
very nice reconstruction!
thank you for sharing.:D


Grumpy Old Man
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Jan 9, 2013
Well done! I'd sit on that bench anytime. Thanks for the pics.

CHuck the grumpy one
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