Replacement Wooden Train Track Replicas , Reclaimed Oak

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Ulma Doctor

Infinitely Curious
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Feb 2, 2013
I made 3 copies of a piece of straight track for my sons favorite trains.
the oak was reclaimed from a pallet and planed and sawn to the dimension of the track it was copied from.

i used a 10" table saw to cut the blank into thirds of equal width and length.

a vintage Dremel #57-2 Moto Shop Scroll Saw was used to do the scroll work.
i used a Shopsmith with a 12" disc sander to smooth the work out as well as a 1/4 sheet electric sander to knock the edges down, and sanded to 400 grit for a nice feel.
wash, rinse, repeat 2 more times and Baddabing!
iv'e been told every artist should sign his work,
so i did it anyway, even though i'm no artist.
that would be an insult to artists everywhere


thank you for reading!


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Apr 28, 2014
I know what I'm going to start watching for at estate sales. We'll send it 'freight collect' :grin:
Saw a set last week, didn't think much about it except that my boyz when they were young had a set,
and I love anything made out of wood.

The last two sales were a bit sad, a ton of stuff for what I would guess were grandchildren, even a Jeep stroller...


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Jan 23, 2012
there is some great pallet wood out there in the industrial land. i have collected maybe 100 various ones since last summer and have been slowly taking the top and bottom boards off, driving out nails and planing them just to clean them up. the wife wants to cover a wall with the various thickness of them and to stain them before nailing on.
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