Rf45 clone to cnc help please

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Dec 3, 2013
Sure looks like a Gecko drive with a generic cover on it.


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Jan 15, 2016
It sounds like the OP would like a primer on motion control hardware. I recognize the symptoms as i was going through the same thing last year. Before i write a massive reply, would you like a simplified response with some basic component and system descriptions?


Apr 6, 2017
Hello everyone, i own a rf45 clone. My mill is currently setup as a cnc mill....
So why then am i asking for help?
Its a cnc master mill...
For those who dont know about these mills i wont bore you so i will just say i agree with every owner before me who swapped out the cnc master stuff and went to mach3.
My mill has 1200oz nema 34's on the x,y and z. The x and y are ball screws while the z is driven by the spindle not the column so its not as accurate but for now i will leave it till another time.
I brought the mill used but it looks new! The owner had a item he tried to prototype and was sold by cnc masters on how easy it was to use...lol... he quickly learned after spending 7grand that was not the case. So it sat for awhile.
At the time i was on the line to buy that exact mill when i found the ad on Craigslist lucky me i thought and for a third of a new one i had a cnc mill. I had to buy a older lap top to download the cnc masters software and i set it up as if it was new. The software required vista o.s. i think. Well i have it running but it wants to stop and not restart. Plus other issues with the software just frustrates me.
I have used mach3 before and i can engrave and do all the things i need to much easier then using this system. Plus cnc masters wanted 600 bucks just to talk with me because i didnt buy the mill new or i could upgrade for 3grand with lifetime help....
So guys i need help please !

I need to know what parts i need to buy to hook my nema 34's up to a new power supply
Help understanding how to make mach3 work with a new windows computer, usb?or another connection system? What parts connect the steppers?
I have a vfd so i want to still control my motor speed and starting/stopping by the program
I was told the steppers are wired as gecko and to replace the power supply because its not strong enough to begin with.
These things will help me to get started so i am asking for help and please understand i am new to the cnc building world but i do have machining background. I am hoping to find someone with experience with the rf45 clone and the nema34s please. No offense but i understand the requirements differ from different size steppers and all.
Thank you guys for reading my horror story.
I have a CNC Masters Baron XL 4 axis mill that I bought used. I need the proprietary board that is on their main board and has a phone cable looking cable that goes to the leeson vfd. My previous owner replaced my VFD and took off and lost that board. Of course, CNC Masters says they can’t sell me that small board because I am not the original owner.
Actually, my plea is to anyone having that small board to please sell it to me.
It’s best to message me here please.
By the way, while their software isn’t ideal, after I rebuilt the spindle, I have no issues with the machine. I guess I am sticking with it.
Rick Morris
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