Rohm Supra Drill Chuck needs a new arbor

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I bought the Jacob's arbor removal tools, 3 different sizes.
Either too big or too small.
If you aren't familiar with a Rohm, made in Germany, keyless drill chuck, they are very close to an Albrecht.
I have seen videos where they drilled and pinned the old arbor to make a stop for a pipe to allow the wedges to work.
I got this pic online. Mine is in better shape, same idea though.
Any other ideas?Rohm Supra.jpg


I had a drill chuck arbor stuck . So I cut if off and drilled and tapped a hole thru it .
Then I used a bolt thru it and it popped right off.
I cut the arbor off close to the chuck . Then with a thread all the way thru the piece of arbor that was left I used a bolt thru piece and bottomed out where it hit the back side of chuck . And tightened bolt till it pushed the piece of arbor out.
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