Sheldon 11x40something Very Bad Cross And Compound Nuts

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May 24, 2016
Long retired tv engineer, with 3 other CNC machines in my stable already but toys are toys. First big (to me) lathe, a 1952 Sheldon 11" by about 42".

This lathe has the usual taper attachment, but the feed nuts are cobbled together from helicoil inserts. Buckets of backlash Between that, and difficulties with the clutch in the apron, I am inclined to just rebuild the crossfeed for a small rear driven ball screw, and one in the 1300mm, 20 or 25mm diameter for the carriage, doing away with the taper attachment, and the compound since LinuxCNC can handle all of that.

So I put it back together so I can finish making a 5C adapter work, but with an ER40 kit in the 5C socket, needed to make new screw holder parts for the crossfeed that will be driven from the rear of the carriage, using the front handle as the thrust bearing after I fit some ball bearing thrust washers.

Hints and tips from other experienced folks appreciated for this part of the project.

Thanks all, Gene.

Jeff White

Jun 29, 2015
My Sheldon had a huge amount of backlash on the cross feed. turns out it was just missing a washer on one side of the thrust bearing.
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