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Shop Lubrication Management

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Jul 25, 2012
I am a member on a tractor forum and a question came up about grease guns and general lubrication practices in a home shop. I had to go through some training for work because we certify commercial rebuilders shops, so I had some info that might be useful and will attach it here ... contamination and lubrication issues cause over 50% of all rolling bearing failures, and unfortunately, a lot of it starts right in the shop when we rebuild something. This article is aimed toward commercial shops, but if you can take something away from it and save one of your projects from an ugly, premature failure, then have at it. If I can help you with any of the ideas in the article, you can chase it in the forum, email me, or whatever makes sense. You guys have helped me a ton in the past with my Hardinge lathe restoration so maybe it is a little payback time - and thank you guys, by the way! Please see attached.

Also, if you google "SKF Bearing Maintenance Handbook pdf", you can download - for free - one of the best technical references on general bearing mounting, lubrication and maintenance on the planet. Would be really good to have in your computer library ... Thanks again, Folks ....


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