Stanko 6560

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Visit my friend in his workshop and he wanted to sell his Russian mill from 1980 12 Metric ton of russian steel
Technical data:
Technical data:
- Control: pushbutton from the suspended desktop
- cutting diameter: up to 315 mm
- Main engine power: 13 kW
- 18-speed gearbox: 4.1 kW
- The ability to turn the head: + -30
- vertical travel: 125-750 mm
- cross-section: 10-1500 mm
- longitudinal motion: 355-985 mm
- Work desk table: 1600x630

- machine dimensions (length x width x height): 3205x4140x3120 mm



I like the ladder!
Are planning buying it from him?
Congratulations! Now you just need to learn some Russian, Da?

PS - Be sure he includes the ladder :)
Years ago, the company I worked for had a smaller Stanko- was a good, solid machine

You must have a moose on the mill
Heidenhain DRO Big Big Hydalic vise.
I'm sorry to bore you but I'm happy as a schoolboy. And he sold me a fully functional 150 ton hydraulic press for scrap prices



Happy as a schoolboy with a full kilo of firecrackers!
(I like your moose)
Wow, I would be happy just having a shop big enough to hold that!
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