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Steel Gibs And Trouble With Conversations (PM's)

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Downloads Moderator
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H-M Supporter - Sustaining Member
Dec 25, 2011
NOTE: Anyone trying to contact me via PM and especially anyone who has sent money for either 6" or 10"/12" steel gibs - almost every time that I go to Conversations to try to reply to a PM, I get locked out of the site for a few hours to a few days. I still don't know why, only that it has happened with 3 computers, three OS's, four browsers and two different modems and ISP's.

In any case, if you are waiting for me to reply to a PM, especially if you sent or think that you sent money and have not heard from me by direct email, contact me at wa5cab@cs.com. A couple of you sent money but neither you nor PayPal sent me a shipping address. Although I'm a Moderator, I don't have access to email addresses other than by means that I am reluctant to employ.
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