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Steel Gibs for All A-C Lathes

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Dec 25, 2011
I just listed these under Machine Parts for the benefit of anyone without a mill or who would rather buy them than spend the time to make them. They were made by another list member from the original Atlas drawings. We both tried them out on either a MK2 6" or a 3996 and found that they do reduce the tendency of the cutter to cut a little less than what what you dialed in.

The asking price is a bit higher than what Clausing currently sells the plastic ones for but the member who made several of each part and kept careful time records deserves at least a little return.

For those of you who would still rather roll your own, the drawings will be in downloads shortly if I didn;t already upload them. Note that the drawings must have been done by more than one draftsman as the way in which they are dimensioned is not consistent across the four drawings. So watch out for that if you try to make a set.
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