Steering Wheel-style Quill Feed


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Feb 28, 2012
I had to make a wheel for my mill. I couldn't find a14" wheel for less than $100.00 plus shipping. I made a ring roller and rolled a piece of 1/2" emt conduit. $10.00 The ring roller was made from items I already had in stock, so no actual cost, just time, bonus is now have a ring roller and a wheel.

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Mar 5, 2012
Years ago I installed a steering wheel on mine.
I took a piece of aluminum machine it to fit the shaft and the steering wheel

need to add speed knob it would help in making fast changes.


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Sep 22, 2013
I just don’t seem to have whatever problem these wheels fix.

The reason I am interested is because I drill a lot of holes on my BP. Production orders. Much of it through thick material. I just got done drilling 39 holes; 1 17/32 dia. in 1 1/2" thick material. A couple reasons I think a wheel will be better:

1) No need to keep adjusting the handle location with a wheel. With my Twin-Grip I have to change position multiple times every hole
2) I am hoping the wheel is more ergonomic. I am exerting quite a bit of down pressure on these holes and it's hell on my hand to be hanging on that handle. I'm hopeful that grabbing the wheel and pulling won't be as painful after a weekend of 100+ holes.

I just broke down and bought one (wife talked me into it, said it's my birthday present), so we will find out soon if I am correct.
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