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Stelling Dial 78 mod or trade

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Active Member
Active Member
Jan 6, 2016
I have a delimma that snowballed reathe quickly.I won a bid on a stelling 78 cross feed dial.I asked the seller what model Logan it came off of.I was told a 920. The problem is 920 lathes don't have 2 bolts that hold the cross feed on. I'm not 100%sure but it may be for a 1920 Newer version logan.i saw a correct Logan cross feed saddle with a Stelling 77 dial for sale.i bought that but alas the seller sent me a saddle for an Atlas.i was supposed to get the correct one back,but the seller chickened out and sent me my money instead.then relisted the item for $100 more!(sorry for the rant).
Now for my question: is it possible to modify my 78 to fit or is it better to trade later on to someone with the 1920?


Registered Member
Apr 2, 2018
The 78 fits one saddle and the 77 fits a different saddle. You can use the 78 with the proper saddle (both will mount to your apron), and it’ll give you more machining space (but you’d have to buy a new saddle). Else, use a 77 with your current saddle and have a little less machining room.
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