Tailstock clamp revisited

Some time back I wrote about the tailstock on my Enco 13X40 lathe slipping while drilling. After some modifications to the flats that engage the lathe frame under the ways the problem is about 90% overcome. I finally got to put it to a real test by drilling a 3/8" pilot hole in a piece of 1018 for about 2.5 inches. At the outset the TS could be moved with a moderate force on the wheel, however the bit was advancing while making chips. After adjusting the eccentric under the TS closer to camming over (going through) it stayed in place for the final 1" of drilling. The hole was expanded to 1/2" and went a little beyond the end of the pilot hole and the TS did not slip. My drilling technique is to keep chips coming with moderate pressure on the wheel. During the drilling it seems like I can feel the leadscrew advances the bit each rotation of the project material with moderate pressure on the wheel. At least I am satisfied that I can drill just about anything in my upcoming projects.
Have a good day