TH54 Atlas lathe rebuild/refurb project (pic heavy)


Nov 19, 2011
[QUOTE="GoMopar440, post: 287846, member: 973]
For the bushings in the QCGB I still need to pick up the Oilite to make the bushings from. The QCGB shafts will be turned down at the worn ends and then I plan on making some interference fit sleeves to repair the areas that ride in the bushings.[/QUOTE]

The bushings are standard bushings that you should be able to get at the local hardware store. Should be easier and cheaper than making them.


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Oct 19, 2011
Honestly I haven't touched this project much since I had my second back surgery, another double disk laminectomy (sp?) in Nov 2014. I've got a total of four disks removed and fused now. The recovery process has been a lot slower than I would have hoped.

One of the biggest hold ups is the condition of the internals on the QCGB. There was a broken cast part that I was able to get rewelded but the bushings for the shafts inside the box have substantial wear with corresponding wear on the gear shafts themselves. This machine was likely run without oil for far too long in it's previous life before I got it. I'm hoping to get back into restoring it once the weather warms up. It'd be nice to finally be able to use this thing.

I still have to finish converting my HF mini mill over to CNC as well. It's about 80% done right now and has also been sitting since my surgery. At least I have a full size Bridgeport mill (all manual w/a Mintoyo (sp?) 2 axis DRO) and a 7"x14" Micro Mark mini lathe to help me make the parts I need for these projects. The A2Z QCTP on the mini lathe is reaching it's limitations though and I really need to get something quite a bit more solid for it.


Mar 14, 2016
Thanks for the updates on it. Best of luck in the continued recovery.
I'll keep watching the thread. Perhaps one day, you'll get back in the shop and tinker with it some more.


John Newman
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Apr 23, 2018
I'm using my first post on this board to thank you for the work you've posted so far. Your project is what brought me here. I'm also a vet who had a ruined back, things have been going well for me in that department since '09 when the VA sprung for my robot parts. Anyway, best of luck and I hope you get back to your Atlas project!
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