The Hunley, or pidjones needed a first retirement project


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Jul 31, 2018
November now and we have had the Hunley in nearby (~Summer. There is an indoor show today and a show next Saturday at the church we attend in Powell, TN. After that I think she will be winterized by running the carbs dry, draining the bowls completely, and topping off the tank with Stabil treated 100% gasoline.

So far this year, she has accumulated ten trophies, and five plaques. Some were admittedly "participation" awards as she was one of very few bikes at some shows and at one show they gave "Top 75" with less than 150 entered. Most proud of 2nd place in a show put on by local dealer and our vintage MC club. Also the "F'n" Bomb trophy at a big show in Upper East TN.
Sorry for the nonsense 1st paragraph. Should read ......in nearby (~less than100 miles)shows all Summer. ----I guess it interpreted my less than sign.
BTW, 1st place modified bike today.
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