This Lathe Might Be A Good Deal

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Jul 18, 2017
Hi Guys,
Last week, I visited my friend, Gary Aragon - the guy who buys lots of large metalworking machinery and resells them. As I mentioned before, he often throws out into his metal scrap dumpster stuff that I then snag for free (like a ton of vintage Armstrong lathe toolholders). Anyways, last week, i visited him, and soon after I arrived, he asks me to "watch the shop," while he went to get himself lunch.

I then walked around his warehouse just looking at all the cool machines he has. To my surprise, I saw he acquired some vintage home shop machines. Usually, Gary buys the Shaquille O'Neil size lathes and mills.

He had a South Bend 9A lathe, as well as this 11" Logan lathe with tooling.

I was drooling over the steady rest (not literally, well maybe a little) since the Logan 200 lathe, that was given to me, was missing a steady rest.
I even had the passing thought that I could steal the steady rest without Gary noticing.

In reality, I could never do such things now that I am no longer a bad kid -- but I digress.
Btw, I lucked out and found a somewhat compatible Logan QCGB a few weeks that I will eventually mount onto my lathe. The QCGB was missing the front plate, but I found that Scott Logan sold what I needed. The plate arrived flat. I need to curve it flush to the box. If you are in the Bay Area and can help, I don't mind paying. Just msg me please.

Anyways, let me get to the main point of this post. I found this same lathe on craigslist today. What was odd was that, despite the header having the word, "lathe," in it, it doesn't come up in the search results if you just type lathe. However, if you type, "milling machine," the site will include this Logan Lathe.

From having looked at it up close, drool and all, I can tell you that the lathe comes with a nice set if tooling/accessories. Plus, since I now have a Logan myself, I know that the ones with quick change gear boxes usually have an asking price for much more than what Gary is asking. Btw, Gary didn't put me up to posting this.

So, for anyone looking for an 11" Logan lathe with tooling, chucks, steady rest for under a grand, check out this link:

Gary might also have better-than-you-might -think shipping rates since he's like a Bridgeport High Roller, lol.

Ok, I got to the main point of this post, but also wanted to mention that, in addition to the 2 "little" lathes, he had a (I'm guessing) 1930's Atlas floor drill press, and a really unusual/cool King Seeley floor Drill Press that had a "low/high" speed switch from the factory, like how Bridgeport 2J mills have.

Anyways, on the Atlas drill press was an obviously super old little lamp. It was all dented up, and reminded me of those overpriced Delta retirement lights. I asked Gary if I could take it, and he said, "Sure- as long as it isn't wired into the drill press."

Gary doesn't value old rusty stuff like I do. Hence, he throws out "obsolete" rusty lathe toolholders that production shops don't use, and I jump into 6 ft deep dumpsters to salvage, lol.

Here are a few pics of my old light:

In the 2nd pic, you can kind of see the black paper as the inner top rim. When you turn the on/off knob/switch, you can hear the paper being moved around inside the socket
In the last pic, you can see it saying, "PAT'D JUNE 13.99."

So, basically, it is super old, and even I am questioning the safety of actually using the socket as is, lol. I still find it pretty cool.
This is part of the reason why I have too much vintage machinist stuff.

Now, since I am a chronic newbie, any feedback on your recommended method to reshape the little lamp shade/bell is appreciated.

Also, share with us here if you bothered to contact Gary. He might lower the price more, you never know. He doesn't seem to value old stuff like I do. However, he did try to trick me into letting him store my SB heavy 10 lathe at his warehouse until I make more room in my garage. He gave me some BS line about "those lathes are a dime-a-dozen."
And that was AFTER he saw this picture of it at the private school that I bought it from, but haven't had it delivered yet. I once let him store an industrial belt disc sander that I bought from a machinery auction. After awhile, I let him sell it at cost to his friend.


By the way, I did ask Gary if he acquired the home shop machines via an auction. Gary said, "No. Someone passed away, and their family asked me to buy it all." Ok, that explains hiw these "little" machines got in his warehouse.

Me and Gary

So , now I spilled my beans. I probably now made myself have competition for the dumpster

On another note, since I was given a free 1000 lbs Diamond horizontal mill, I offered my little Benchmaster mill to fellow members of this site. I am very happy that fellow San Francisco member Justin bought it since he appreciates the little Benchmaster. I feared selling to someone who would take it apart, and sell the overpriced parts on ebay.
Justin buying the little Benchmaster

***Justin had a great idea of meeting up with fellow local Bay Area forum members. Feel free to DM me if you are interested***

Also, I picked up a huge 25" long body lathe taper attachment. Unknown maker, but you could modify.

It's too heavy for me to ship. Offer me anything (that's not insulting). If you can't use it, but have the brawn, you could make some moolah reselling online.

Finally, finally fully understand how to rewire my Bridgeport from 460v to 230v, and how to wire up the panel for my RPC (I already had 1 here, and didn't want to burn up the Bridgeport's non-inverter duty motor with a vfd) along with wiring the circuit breaker and thermal relay motor starter.

I am looking forward to finally cutting some metal !

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Mar 19, 2014
If you live in the Bay Area and collect cast iron. I think you will have met “Gary” at least once in your life, LOL.

Bob Korves

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Jul 2, 2014
If you live in the Bay Area and collect cast iron. I think you will have met “Gary” at least once in your life, LOL.
Even if you live 100 miles from there, you can still know Gary Aragon. Been there a couple times, with other H-M members...
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