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Thoughts on, “Machine Tool Reconditioning” by Mr. Connelly

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Jeff Anderson
H-M Platinum Supporter ($50)
Mar 26, 2018
As a hobby machinist just starting out, this bible on machine tools and in depth reconditioning and scraping is overwhelming.
Not to mention the incredible investment in measuring devices, surface plates and lifting equipment required to assess the machine in question.
It does however, introduce, to me, a way of looking at machines and tooling in a much different light.
I now understand at a very basic level, flat and parallel.
I find myself thinking about machining with a much more critical approach.
I’m not sure which direction I will go moving forward. I have some old iron that I have enjoyed getting acquainted with.
Before I attempt any repairs or reconditioning on my 1941 South Bend Lathe or the 1970 Bridgeport, I will assess these machines with my new found critical eye.
Thank you for this forum.
Thank you Mr. Connelly, and Mr. King!
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