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Feb 13, 2017
ahhh, FBI please investigate @NCjeeper :grin:
A young hillbilly got sent to prison (growing marijuana?) and was placidly serving his time. During a weekly phone call with his father, the father was noting that it was time to plow and what was he to do with the son in prison. The son replied that the father might get cousin Johnny to help, if he wasn't stoned, ". . . but whatever you do, don't plow the south 40. That's where the bodies are buried. . . "

A couple of weeks later, the father was talking to the son and was commenting about all the feds that came to plow up the whole place, for free. ". . . Thanks Son, there wasn't a foot that wasn't dug up, by hand yet. . . "



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H-M Supporter Gold Member
Feb 1, 2015
I bought my wife a tractor for her birthday, at her request. One year, she asked for a rototiller for her birthday. A friend gave me an old rototiller which I repaired and gave to her. Since this wasn't much of a gift, we went shopping for jewelry and she ended up with peridot earrings and a gold necklace. A few weeks later, she managed to throw the rod on the rototiller so we bought her a new rototiller.


Dan, Retired old fart
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Jul 5, 2014
I bought my wife a CNC lathe. Arrived on her birthday.

I think I wasted my money. She hasn't even used it once yet :rolleyes:

My birthday is coming up in 10 days. I wonder what she will get me? Lathe tooling?
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