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H-M Supporter Gold Member
Feb 1, 2015
I have a similar "go figure" moment that may be humorous alloy. Our group had identified a 345KV Circuit Breaker (CB) at a power plant as failing. So a replacement was ordered. For some reason the failing CB was left in service though. In time the replacement arrived & was set to the side inside the yard awaiting a scheduled outage. 1 night, before the outage was scheduled & while a plant hand was on the 7th floor of the Unit's Mezzanine (perhaps enjoying the view) the old CB failed violently & launched itself. Now the hand on the 7th floor saw this & swears that CB launched up as high as he was - all 30,000 pounds (if not more). Once in a lifetime experience right? All things must come back down as the saying goes. BUT, did it have to land on the replacement CB & destroy it? Yes it did!!!!!!!
And they say inanimate objects aren't sentient.
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