Tool Post Styles


Jun 12, 2019
Based on the dimensions you have given here is a sketch of a 4 way that should fit you lathe. I made it 2" square by 7/8" high. The slot is 1/8" up from the bottom and is 3/8" high by 5/16 deep. If it was me I would make the slot not quite 5/16 deep so that a 5/16 tool bit would be just proud of the edge. This way when you need to square a tool bit to the chuck face the 4 way does not get in the way. I guessed that the center screw was 3/8. Drill the center hole to whatever size you need. I made the set screws 1/4". They could be smaller but I don't think that they could be any bigger. The set screws are 5/32" in from the edge. Depending on how you grind your tool bits you might not need any shims with 1/4" tool bits. 5/16 and 3/8 tool bits would have to be ground so that the tip would be at center line. Dabbler does this. I am sure that he would give some pointers on how to do it. I'll have a sketch of a Norman style QCTP for you sometime tomorrow.

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Hi, this looks easy to make, I could notch out those recess areas with the shaper, its similar to alcaps, I see that one gives me a choice of using the cross slide as a base, also the link that brino sent me to also shows that one with also part of the base notched out, that seems like a good way to go.. so far..
Tim, you are getting some great help here with people posting all kinds of ideas!

Here's one more.....
Just today I saw an interesting tool-post version I'd never seen before; more like a mill-table hold-down or toe clamp.
It's the seventh picture in this post:

I will try a direct link, but not certain that it will work:

For you, I wondered if you could gain some vertical height by placing your cutting tool directly on to the cross slide (ie. without the rocker-shim and spacer as labelled by @mickri above).
Of course, you'd still need to shim it to centre height, but it might allow you to use larger tool bits without tilting them.

But sorry, my CAD skills are not as good as @mickri above, it would take me days to electronically capture what I mean.
If you need a hand-drawn sketch, let me know.

Hi brino, that link show a nice tool bar, I like where it can hold the tool bit right against the cross slide,,,
Once I get this tool bit figured out I'll need some info from you guys about some other problems I found out today on the lathe..
I use to use sketch-up, to hard to get the hang of it, time better spent on the beer drinking.
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