Turn your mill into a turret mill

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Relevant portion starts at 14:45. The entire video is interesting, but the first half requires some knowledge gained through earlier videos from the creator.


That's a lot of work for such a simple part. It would make sense if the mill was CNC, and you had a bunch to do.
A turret lathe would be just about ideal for the job, but, what if you have a manual mill but no turret lathe? Seems like a useful answer to getting it done with the equipment at hand.
I think if you had a lot of parts to run and you got the set up dialed in, that would be much faster than doing it on the lathe. Pretty cool thinking, that one.
I agree Mikey. This fellow does quite a bit of operations you would normally see on a lathe.
One of his videos he explained they don’t have an accurate lathe so he improvises quite nicely on the mill.
I bow to their abilities for sure.
I really enjoy watching Solid Rock Machine videos!
I stumbled on this today and thought it was a great idea. That is a lot of tool changing with an ordinary lathe if you have lots of parts to make, and it sounds like he does.

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