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Feb 2, 2014
After I finished my crankshaft build last week I asked for ideas of an engine to build around it. There were no replies except for this.
At least you know how many cylinders. ;)
Yes thank you Robert I was thinking along those lines myself.

I don't know what this engine will turn out to look like but I want to show off the crankshaft so area will be open.
I want to try my hand at water cooling the block using a radiator of some sort with a pump.
The stroke is already set at 1.500 and a bore of 1" is easy to work with so that is settled.
What about a timing belt instead of gears?
Maybe paint it red.
That where I am at now.

I started off with a block of aluminum and whittled it down to about the right size.

I milled the holes for the two piston sleeves with a lip around one end for the sleeve to bottom out against.

Size comparison with the crank.

Now I usually don't make any drawings but I could see some problems already with the cylinder head bolts and the intake ports so I drew this up.

Now that doesn't tell you much but from that I am able to see where all the cylinder head bolts will go and if I have enough clearance for the intake and exhaust ports.
The hottest part of the cylinder liners I would think would be in the first 1 1/2" from TDC. I milled a slot 1" X 1 1/2" X 3" deep in the side of the block so that the water could circulate all around the liners. This slot will be covered with an aluminum plate that has the inlet water connection toward the bottom.

And a couple of more pictures.

While I was at it I drilled and tapped the head bolt locations.

I have never made an actively cooled block or head so I don't know how this will end up.
I am open to suggestions.

If you like what you see then leave a comment or at least give me a like.

Thanks for looking

Very cool. Crankshaft looks great. Watching!
I certainly like seeing it and appreciate you posting. Watching it develop is both fun and educational. Thank you.
What are your thoughts on water cooling? How would it circulate in the block? It looks like you have enough meat to drill cooling passages.
Ive seen where the head has water jackets and that’s it. The head was carved out to accept domes which is the combustion chamber. This is on a 2 stroke engine so no valves in head. domes are able to be changed to adjust compression Water jackets all around domes. Everything on the head is oringed the domes and cylinder sealing surfaces. Putting jackets around the cylinder walls will be a challenging ordeal. Great work I love it!!!
How bout a cast iron or steel liner that is clamped in place (top to bottom) by an aluminum outer cylinder. Then you could circulate water in the gap between the two parts. I do believe the head itself is the most important part to cool.
I may be able to answer some of the questions with the following pictures.
Robert I think this is what you were referring to.
I made two cast iron cylinder liners and installed them in the block. They are a light press fit with sealant all around the liners through the aluminum.


And here it is after decking top and bottom.

As you can see when the side plate is installed the water cavity in the block is completely sealedup except for inlet and outlet pipes..

Cadillac I couldn't think of any way to water cool the head so it will have cooling fins. I think that will be enough.

Thanks for looking



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Depending on how long you plan to run it and whether you are developing max power or just idling up for demonstration, it's possible you could just use the water pump from an older Volkswagen beetle. If you run it past heat saturation it would need some water passages. You can jacket a sleeved block, otherwise the head and block will have to be drilled for galleries. Usually this is done in a pattern around the bore, and anywhere room is left over after making the head. Cylinder head cooling passages sometimes run along the exhaust ports. Nice project so far!
pontiac428 the head will have 4 valve guides, 2 spark plugs, 10 head bolts, and four 0.312 port passages in it. I had to get creative with the head bolt holes to get everything fitting in such a small space. I wanted water cooling because I had never made one like this before but the engine will be run in rather short bursts of 5 to 15 minutes so it could have been made with just cooling fins and a fan. As far as the water pump I was thinking much smaller than a VW pump so maybe I will make one of smaller scale. A radiator would be nice.
Everything is still up in the air so we will see how it progresses.