Two Timer Build


Feb 14, 2019
The motor is looking good. Years ago my dad built a 4 cylinder opposed engine. The engine had water cooled heads. There was no water pump it used gravity to cool the engine. He had a coffee can that he put the water in. The gravity circulation kept the motor cool. So I think if you have any water flowing out of the water pump I think you will be fine. Make your tubes as big as possible.

Roger L


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Feb 2, 2014
I agree Roger and I will probably try the water tank first so see how it works.

Some good news and some bad news.
First the good
The engine does run but not very well.
The water pump does work and moves a respectable amount of water but it does leak around the shaft. I have a plan for a shaft seal that I will work on later.
The water leaks into the #2 combustion chamber.

Yes water coming out of the #2 exhaust stack and of course the engine stopped.
I had to completely dissemble the entire engine to get to the bare block.
This first picture shows the cylinder block as it was when removed from the engine.
The shows how the blade of this small screw driver gets caught on the edge of the liner. The liner was 0.003 lower than the block face and I remember something about this months back when I first decked the block but I told myself then that the gasket would make up the difference. Well that is not true if the liner is lower than the face adding a thicker gasket won't help.

I removed 0.010 from the deck with the face mill.

And the result.

Now to reassemble the engine with a new gasket.
Problem solved.

Thanks for looking
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