Unique Chess Set

Just when you thought "what else can be done with the chess set", a new idea comes along...
This is what a chess set using Plasti-Block™ ABS dual color rods could look like.

castle.jpg rod1.jpg

Other color combinations can also be fun!


Let us know what else would you like to see modeled using this product. We are looking forward to hear your ideas.

Plasti-Block™ Team


Send me a sample, I will design, turn and mill a part and post pictures here, your goal is to highlight the 2 color properties correct?

Does the material have any physical properties beyond available ABS such as temperature resistance, creep strength, fire resistance or impact resistance?
Looks like the chess set would be a perfect application for this tool (from another thread):

EDIT (10/17/18)-
Looks like Eccentric has modified their website, and the above link goes to something other than what I originally found. The tool I'd seen was the "Turnado" freehand metal turning system. This link got me there today. No idea if it will work in the future ...
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The idea is greath bit, If the bar is white on center and colored on out diameter, the horse is not right.
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