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Jun 2, 2022
More on WAGs.

I HAVE been shot.

It was well over 50 years ago. A number of us guys were patterning our shotguns, our target was a large piece of card board over which we placed a clean sheet of paper to record each shot fired. The target had fallen over after a shot. I went out to make repairs and retrieve and refresh the paper.

The weapons on hand were generally 12 gauge pumps or doubles, the load was probably #7 shot, the distance from shooters to target between 50 and 100 feet. The person that pulled the trigger ASSUMED at that distance I would only be frightened and not harmed if he fired when I bent over.

Since that time, the shooter has been in and out of jail a couple times, a testimony of his judgement or lack thereof, I suppose.

Me? I LOVE beyond measure that we, as Americans, have the right, not only to keep and bear but also to build, modify and repair our own firearms. That said, although there have been times when I couldn't control the situations I was in nor the shooters I was around, whenever shooting "casually" or for sport and pleasure, I have been EXTREMELY CAREFUL about those who were shooting and what was being shot around me.

As it turns out, WAGs can get you hurt.

I apologize for the thread creep.
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