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We Are Making Progress

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I have been a member of this forum for several months now.
Looking back, watching and reading the threads, many of us are making progress.
Maybe I should read more and post less. Based on my earlier posts, questions, observations, I probably should have kept my mouth shut.
Have you seen Tom Lipton's, Youtube video when he makes all 6 sides of a cube square?
My version is not a perfect square but all six sides have 90 degree angles.
I verified it with the equipment I have available.

Using what I have learned, setting up each cut with a fly cutter, I achieved a goal.
My old Bridgeport pulled it off.
Now if I can just attach the pics. IMG_1304[1].JPG IMG_1305[1].JPG


Make up or purchase a nice angle plate . ;)
I sort of have an angle plate.
I can’t get a .001” feeler gauge anywhere using this surface and angle plate.
As long as I lock down every axis on the BP I’m not using, does a good job.
I would rather learn skills on my old machine before I get a new one. 3CCED100-174F-4F0B-A2DA-39B8CF140768.jpeg FADD4A31-DFCF-41CE-875F-69578B3E70A9.jpeg C708416C-0DBF-40BA-B11C-2E38C2F31071.jpeg
Hi Janderso,

If you are producing that level of work you don't need a new machine !
I think that its very good.
Thank you Baron.
That was a nice way to demonstrate your project, and your pride, Janderso. You did good, and it's nice to watch you grow.
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