What Did You Buy Today?


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Nov 28, 2016
We went to the Antique Engine and Tractor Show in Fletcher, NC today. I found an old Starrett back plunger indicator...


It needs a good cleaning, but works smoothly with no sticking.



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Sep 28, 2013
The seller had a few other items for sale so I also got this old Craftsman bench grinder and stand. I couldn't have even gotten a Harbor Fright Bench Grinder for $40.

View attachment 382172

It was kind of funny the seller had both of these from new (1970s vintage as far as I can tell) and still had the manuals for them, but he couldn't find the other guard. He had several attachments that he used on the bare side, so he hadn't had the guard on there for a long time. The attachments came with it, a little drum sander, wire wheels etc.
Nice, I've had one of those for several years and used the snot out of it. Still going strong!


Mar 22, 2020
I’m also concerned about the situation in Taiwan and inflation. Maybe I went a little overboard, but I’ll never need to buy another manual mill for the rest of my life

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H-M Supporter - Silver Member
Nov 25, 2015
went to a farm show kind of thing in Bangor PA.. jacktown.org is the url.
Picked up some things, passed on some things.
And for Bruce @BGHansen a pic of some Erector sets available.

passed on these 5/16 MO-MAX.. I don't need 5/16 but 12 for $25 is a good price for the boxes of 12... still good for the 10.. but hey 10 for 25 or 12 for 25 which are you going for?:rolleyes:

Bruce @BGHansen These are shots for you... I know you collect and make parts for them.
20211016_104155.jpg 20211016_104216.jpg

I picked up a set of pin gauges. I have no way other than drill bits of sizing small holes. What I really want is gauge blocks.
But this was at the flea mkt in July and I thought he would bargain.. he did .. I could not tell whether it was plus or minus.. I wanted minus figuring it would tell me when I am under my target, but it wound up being plus... But I'm not really sure it matters, as I have not used them, and do not understand the plus and minus .. why not just go one size bigger, or smaller to see if I hit the target or to gauge the size of an existing hole...??? I was missing 1 pin... once I lifted the styrofoam... This set is a USA made set, Meyer Gauge Ct... These were expensive back in the day too. the gauges look good. Not sure how to clean the dirt of the styrofoam to be able to read the #s.. I don't really want to remove all the pins.

I got these slitting saws for a good price. I thought the angle cutter was a good buy, but it turns out it either goes upside down from where it sits now, or I turn in reverse... it also has no key, so .. I guess upside down and will self tighten.

The 5C is because I don't have 5c's and need to start collecting. this is a royal and with the nice band toward the thread should self center nicely. I need to clean it up..

Oh and the MO-MAX and REX were at bargain prices. He gave me a good deal on the mo-max, and a killer deal on the Rex 95.
I would have bought more, but I cleaned him out... Next year.


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H-M Supporter Gold Member
Jul 16, 2018
Went to our local antique tool club (PATINA) tool show, auction and flea market. I sold a bunch and bought a few things. An interesting Miller's Falls brace, an aluminum c-clamp, an aluminum Lufkin folding rule, an Elgin adjustable alligator wrench and a Craftsman thermometer. Not a bad day.


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Nov 17, 2019
A 3" Eclipse Mechanics' Vice with one 2" x 12" square 6061 alu and 3 rods of 1" x 12" of same alloy.
Plus some tools for my lathe from Shars ebay.
  • 0.01 mm lever dial indicator
  • 4-pieces inch sized ( wanted to be metric but the sizing is acceptable and easy to compensate according to my metric micrometer )
  • A set of 0-150 mm Shars micrometers ( 0.01 mm scale )


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