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Nov 28, 2016
The brown truck brought me a package today...

Unfortunately, it's not something that I really wanted to spend money on, but I decided I had put it off long enough...


These are the Bose over the counter hearing aids... I've been wearing them about 7 hours now, and so far, it seems like they may be ok...

It's a tough pill to swallow when you spend years diligently protecting your hearing and lose it anyway... but I guess it's just one more challenge to overcome.



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May 13, 2019
I picked up 4 HSS dies from McMaster-Carr to replace some carbon steel ones that I bought as a set about 30+ years ago.

They appear to be USA-made Widell dies. I'm not familiar with them. MC usually sells good stuff, so I assume these are top quality? They cost over $30 a piece.

I'm surprised they didn't come in a case or box.



R'lyeh Engineering Works
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Mar 20, 2014
A genuine new old stock Jacobs chuck key, an 25mm OD countersink, and not 1, not 2 - but 3! 3 solid carbide boring bars. Daddy bar is 12mm OD, Mummy bar is 10mm and lil' Baby bar is 6mm. All from the bay of plenty. :)

IMG_0529.JPG IMG_0530.JPG


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Dec 21, 2018
Daddy bar is 12mm OD, Mummy bar is 10mm and lil' Baby bar is 6mm
I'd like to catch a deal on carbide boring bars sometime.
It's a tough pill to swallow when you spend years diligently protecting your hearing and lose it anyway.
I've had hearing loss ever since a little kid. I've had 4 different brands of aids. All seemed to suffer from problems with background noise.
I Just got a pair of German made ones that are molded to fit my ears. Took 2 months to get them. They seem better than the others I've had. At least they don't easily fall out when I bend over. They have buttons that I can use to adjust the level of amplification which is nice. About $5K.

I've also got an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor stuck in me. Add in a cell phone and I'm a walking electronics ad. Hell to get old!


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Jan 11, 2014
After we discovered that rats had got into the forklift years ago we needed to look at repair supplies.

Not going to replace wires as 1-0 wire not cheap and we had sent back the extras to central warehouse so we will replace the last foot or so as we have supplies for that.

Had access to the commercial thomas betts crimper but while looking for terminals we saw a hydrolic one on Amazon for 60 bucks and decided to look.

The thomas betts units are 1500 or more bucks, can borrow from work but would rather own something.

Many options on Amazon so we finally found one, 11 dies and 15 ton force in decent case for 55 bucks.

It even comes with a set of replacement seals.

Instructions are funny read, but only 55 bucks.

The dies look easy to make, others had pins sticking out the side, then are just blocks so we can make custom dies for who knows what.

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May 26, 2017
I believe I remember seeing that hammer on YouTube on one of Keith videos?? He had like 4 of them cast . There 5 Lbs. Hammers I think and Keith also has a 3 Lbs one also
That's right DAM 79. I knew people would comment on the state of his lead hammer in a video or 2 before - because it was practically on it's last blows. But, I looked into what it would cost to buy the parts at McMaster Carr (yes, they are all available including the mold). So, I reached out to him with the idea that since this was something he needed to do anyway, quote me a price on an extra & you're in essence getting paid to do what you would've done sooner or later anyway. So he did & I did - but he said, "Now look, I see no reason to video this again & shared the links of the 2 videos that, sure enough, he had all ready done. That's fine & of course I've seen them ;-) I offered, "No need to mention me. Just perhaps some detail about the mold .... a little something extra to show your viewers that you do listen". Of course they were right - well, in this case for sure! I don't get to help those that I think a lot of very often - but thought this was a worthy cause. 1 of the viewers commented that this would be over $200 to source the parts (initial buy in) & I don't doubt it at all. So, for ALL Keith does CHEERS! I have spent a lot of time at the publication library that is "VintageMachinery.Org" & collected info that truthfully was free to me but would have cost me otherwise. It's a great service that Keith offers & I was glad to find a way to contribute. No names or any of that just a way to get a shout out to his fans! Well Keith explains it better than I did I'm sure. This video starting at 05:08 for those that wonder:

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