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What Machines Do You Have In Your Home Shop?

January Project of the Month [3]

What Machines Do You Have In Your Home Shop?

  • Metal Cutting Lathe

    Votes: 617 93.1%
  • Knee Mill/Bench Mill

    Votes: 480 72.4%
  • Surface Grinder

    Votes: 112 16.9%
  • Shaper

    Votes: 98 14.8%
  • Metal Cutting Bandsaw

    Votes: 466 70.3%
  • Drill Press

    Votes: 596 89.9%
  • Pedestal/Bench Grinder

    Votes: 588 88.7%
  • Belt Grinder/Sander

    Votes: 463 69.8%
  • Welding Equipment

    Votes: 538 81.1%
  • Plasma Cutter/Table

    Votes: 115 17.3%
  • Hydraulic Press

    Votes: 244 36.8%
  • Bending Brake

    Votes: 170 25.6%
  • Air Compressor

    Votes: 614 92.6%
  • Gantry Crane/Engine Hoist/Shop Crane

    Votes: 254 38.3%
  • Arbor Press

    Votes: 246 37.1%
  • Tubing Notcher/English Wheel

    Votes: 61 9.2%
  • Woodworking Tablesaw

    Votes: 459 69.2%
  • Woodworking Bandsaw

    Votes: 360 54.3%
  • Woodworking Router/Router Table

    Votes: 416 62.7%
  • Woodworking Planer/Joiner/Shaper

    Votes: 265 40.0%
  • Woodworking Lathe

    Votes: 156 23.5%
  • Compound/Cross-Cutting Miter Saw

    Votes: 328 49.5%
  • Air Filtration/Blower System

    Votes: 140 21.1%

  • Total voters
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Apr 2, 2013
Well now I have a working, really UGLY Milling machine lol. No prize for looks, but it works well :) Tried it out on a steel block, then cut a slot in my 3/4" index handle :)


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Jan 11, 2013
Stern- I am new here, and don't know you very well, but damnit, you kick ass!! Holy crap!! I'm going to be going over that blog of yours a few times!



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Apr 2, 2013
Stern- I am new here, and don't know you very well, but damnit, you kick ass!! Holy crap!! I'm going to be going over that blog of yours a few times!

LOL yea, I was "kicking my own ass" yesterday when I busted the Z feed handle lol. Another one of those "I looked at it and wanted something beefier and easier to turn .... then 5 min later it broke" days. I had actually ordered a "speed handle" to replace the little one, as the heads almost 100lbs and I wanted to install a trust bearing at the top to hold the ACME rod.

Id does work very well, but I can see a lot of area's I want to work on improving, just have to try not to let the machine know what im thinking so it doent help me make up my mind on the spot .

If you like stuff from junk, also have a blog on the indexing head im putting together.

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Mar 1, 2015
I new here. I have always done woodwork including building my own home, I worked 12 years as a election before becoming machine repair person at my present job with GE, I can retire now any time I wish. I was green as hell when starting in machine repair but I have a natural ability taking things apart fixing the problem and putting it back together correctly. with the machine repair I learned how to set up and run a Bridgeport mill, and engine lathes . these jobs were all so I could work in my own shop doing what is more a passion than work. I do gun smithing and pistol smithing since I was a teen. I also can arc, tig, mig and gas weld. I used plasma cutter a few times
My Machines not including power hand tools are
Grizzly cast iron table saw great heavy duty saw, with lick belt runs super smooth
Grizzly floor mount Drill Press.
Ryobi radial arm saw 10"
12" delta compound miter. Looking to get sliding 12' dual compound miter (dewalt)
old craftsman scroll saw that still works
Rigid scroll saw with 16' throat
Bench mounted 8" grinder/wire wheel
pedestal mounted 6" grinder with fine and course wheels
Airco arc welder (buzz box) with 50' leads so I can weld anywhere in shop or out front without moving welder
Bridgeport Mill J head with pulley's no power feed no DRO complete over haul last year (top to Bottom)
Cincinnati 12.5 X 30 Tray Top metal lathe. refurbished by yours truly. nice lathe LO spindle parts are hard to find and expensive when found
Craftsman band saw. very old need replaced
large arbor press tonnage unknown
craftsman jointer 6" old but blades are kept sharp and still available if need replaced
up right 7hp coleman twin cylinder air compressor max psi 175 don't remember what cfm it will hold constant I think its around 14.5cfm have multiple air tools
sand blast cabinet new this past winter, replaced old homemade plywood version I have used for 10-15 years
engine hoist
chain hoist
Home made Bow press
. once upon a time I also worked on archery equipment to help pay for traviling around country shooting IBO matches and world shoots.
Full table motorcycle lift with extensions for ATV and lawn mowers. I also work on Harley Davidson MC's that was before evo' and twin cam's. I can do them also but everyone and their brother works on the newer models. I did old shovel's and panheads, a few knuckleheads and flatheads. old iron. but not so much any more. I still have people who need help with their ATV's
kids mostly, they don't have money for labor but I will help them if I can and it don't cost for parts. things like welding broken frame or fix a flat tire. it hard to turn them away unless I think they are riding something they stole, then I wont have anything to do with'em

Router Table with multiple routers
Every piece of machinery or equipment I have get used if not doing gun work I maybe making a headboard , or building a trailer or repairing a old one. in the country we all help our neighbors and they in turn help us, most the time its just in the form of extra hands getting farm work done, bailing hay help pull calf out that stuck in birth canal, hauling firewood for someone who don't have truck or trailer, wire a house or out building. You cant ever have to much equipment

I almost forgot Honda Generator . justs mall 2500 watt that always seems to start when need during power outage.



Registered Member
Feb 16, 2015
Ok, here is the list..

Rong-Fu Mill-Drill with DRO and Power feed
Craftsman 12" lathe
Atlas 10" Lathe
Grizzly 4x6 horizontal/vertical metal band saw
Landa Hot water pressure washer
Rutland Rotary table (needs some gear repair)
Lincoln SA-200 blueface welder
Oxy-Aceteleyne torch(s)
Air compressor
Bead blast cabinet
Radial arm saw
Table saw
Wood band saw
Engine hoist, cherry picker (3)
Chain hoist, gantry type (3)
Granite Surface table
Loads of hand tools for aircraft, automotive and woodwork
this doesn't include all the electronic and radio stuff.


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Nov 5, 2010
Over 2 years since this thread started, and my original post is very dated.
Since the title of the thread is "What machines Do You Have"

Metal Cutting Lathe
Grizzly 12x37 Logan Powermatic 11x30, Logan 9x28, Atlas 618, Emco compact 5 CNC (project)
Knee Mill/Bench Mill Burke Powermatic 8x36, Centex 6x26, Clausing/M-Head, Hardinge BB4
Surface Grinder Delta Toolmaker
Metal Shaper
Atlas 7B
Metal Cutting Bandsaw Powermatic 143, Jet 4x6
Drill Press Powermatic 1150, Craftsman 15" Benchtop, Craftsman 8"
Pedestal/Bench Grinder HF 8", Craftsman 6". HF 6" buffer
Belt Grinder/Sander HF 4x6
Welding Equipment 120V Mig, Oxy-acetylene
Plasma Cutter/Table nay
Hydraulic Press HF 20T
Bending Brake nope
Air Compressor Husky 60-gal
Gantry Crane/Engine Hoist/Shop Crane Portable engine hoist, 2-ton chain hoist, 1-ton chain hoist
Arbor Press 3-ton, 1-ton
Tubing Notcher/English Wheel nay
Woodworking Tablesaw Cheapo Skil
Woodworking Bandsaw PowerMatic 143 (wood/metal)
Woodworking Router/Router Table nope
Woodworking Planer/Joiner/Shaper nay
Woodworking Lathe none
Compound/Cross-Cutting Miter Saw nay-nay
Air Filtration/Blower System no

Looks like I have some shopping to do!
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Aug 17, 2012
Bridgeport. With 3 axis dro pro
Acra turn 16x40 lathe
Kalamazoo metal saw
Steel magic metal saw
1 ton overhead crane length of shop
Esab 250 migmaster
Miller dial arc 250
Atlas cop co ga7 screw compressor
Lincoln ranger 225
20 hp duplex compressor
Multi quip 185 cfm compressor
Infer sol rand 10 hp t30 compressor
Sailor beal 5 hp compressor
Clemco divers do sandblasting cabinet
Empire 350 pound sandblasting pot
Manco 55 ton press
7.5 hp hot water pressure washer
2 parts washers
4 pedestal grinders with different grade wheels
Troyke rotary table

4 dogs and 5 cats

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himself, himself
H-M Supporter-Premium Member
Mar 19, 2011
SB 10K lathe
Rockwell vertical mill
Rockwell 17-600 drill press
Rockwell DP22o drill press
Jet (old style) 4 x 6 bandsaw
1" and 2" belt sanders
Delta 8" grinder

Delta Unisaw
Delta 3 HP shaper
Delta 14" bandsaw
Delta RC-33 13" planer
Delta 31-520 belt sander
Powermatic #45 lathe
3 HP Porter-Cable router table
Milwaukee overarm router
SSC panel saw
Williams and Hussey molder
Performax 22/44 sander
Oneida dust gorilla
Sears compressor
Spindle sander
Disc sander

Biscuit joiners, Domino, shop vacs, and more routers than anybody needs. Ever.


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Feb 4, 2013
Our new home has my "man cave" downstairs. I managed to load it up with a few machines including a microwave and refrigerator. I also got the chance to have it rewired with a receptacle every four to six feet of usable wall space. Up above I have a JET filtration system and enough fluorescent lights so there are no shadows. I have necessary benches a PC and three Craftsman Roll Around tool chests. With the exception of the Chop Saw and the Table Saw, the tools in the cave are as follows:

Metal Cutting Lathe
1) Speedway 7 x 12 inch
2) Toyo ML1 75 x 300mm
3) Clisby 63 x 114mm
Vertical End Mill
Grizzly G8689 3/4hp, ER40
Drill Press
Craftsman 150 Floor Drill Press w/Grizzly X-Y table
Pedestal/Bench Grinder
1) Milwaukee 6 inch
2) Wissota 7 inch
3) Shopmate 5 inch
Disc Sander
1) Grizzly G7297 12 inch
2) Chicago 4 inch
Hone (Horizontal Wheel)
GRS Power Honing Machine
Air Compressor
Makita MAC 700 2hp
Woodworking Table saw
1) Craftsman
2) Byrnes Precision 4" Table Saw
Woodworking Band saw
Grizzly G055LX 14 inch
Scroll Saw
PS Wood Machines 14 inch Scroll Mate
Compound/Cross-Cutting Miter Saw
Air Filtration/Blower System


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Oct 2, 2015
I live on a farm and am very fortunate to have a very well equipped "home shop".

Metal, equipment repair and welding fab shop:

Induma 9" x 42" (Bridgeport clone) vertical mill
Microcut 12 x36 metal lathe
Southbend 16 x 8 metal lathe (1916 vintage line shaft driven)
Hougen mag drill
Ellis 9400 drill press
Ellis 1800 band saw
Shop ten ton Hyd press
52" shear/brake/roll
Miller Syncrowave 250 TIG welder with pulse mode
Miller Thunderbolt AC/DC stick welder
Miller 130 MIG welder
Miller Trailblazer Pro 350D diesel engine welder
Miller Suitcase MIG to go with Trailblazer welder
Miller Spectrum 2050 plasma cutter
Carbon arc torch
Oxy-acytelene torches
Multiple hand grinders
Milwaukee deep throat portaband
Milwaukee sawzall (120V and 28V)
Trinco 48" bead blast cabinet
Assortment of air grinders, drills, impacts and sanders
Multiple bench grinders
Multiple vises
300 lb anvil
Blacksmith forge
Rotary 9000 lb two post vehicle lift
Combination belt/disc sander
Solvent bin
Engine hoists and transmission jacks
HVAC guages and vacuum pump
Parker portable hydraulic hose crimp machine
Evolution 230 Extreme metal cutting circular saw
Hilti hammer drills
Makita hammer drills
Jet Porta-power
"Son of Kong" 3/4" Black and Decker geared head hand drill
60 gallon air compressor

Baker 3638D diesel band sawmill
Peterson 10" WPF sawmill
Gallagher-Smith dedicated 72" log slabber
Oliver jointer/planer
Sheppach combination jointer/planer
Pioneer 37" wide belt sander
Original Saw Company 5 hp 3 phase radial arm saw
Northtech 14" jump saw
Grizzly 16" horizontal resaw
Mattison 16" straight line rip saw
Grizzly 12" tablesaw
Grizzly 5 hp shaper
Grizzly 17" bandsaw
Router table
Festool sanders, track saw, MFT, dust collection and planers
Delta drill press
Grizzly Radial Arm Drill Press
Grizzly combination belt / disc sander
Grizzly edge sander
3/4" hp bench grinder
Oscillating spindle shaper
25hp Buffalo Forge 60" dust collection blower
3 hp dust blower
Sears RAS
Delta wood lathe
Delta mortiser
Makita 16-5/8" circular saw
Prazi beam cutter
225KW 400 hP 480VAC 3 phase generator
27cfm 80 gallon air compressor

Portable shop trailer with a 10KW diesel generator and small air compressor system.

There is a nice assortment of heavy equipment on the farm too, but I don't think that qualifies as "home shop" equipment!
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