what parts from other Logan lathes will fit a 12"?

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Jun 8, 2016
I'm looking for a way to replace the duel tool post cross slide and turret tail stock on my 12" Logan, with a standard cross slide/compound and standard tail stock. I see lots of parts for 10" Logan lathes, but not much for the 12". Does anyone know if the 10" cross slide would fit a 12"? I think the bed is the same size, but I'm not sure about the saddle or other parts.


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Dec 25, 2011
Without knowing what model or model family your 12" is, even if we had the parts manuals for all Logan 10" and 12" we couldn't answer your question. If you were talking about an Atlas made prior to mid-1957, the answer would be yes, but whatever tool holders you had wouldn't work because they would all be an inch too low. I would be inclined to guess that the same thing would be true about the Logan, but maybe for different details. Unless someone else here has run through this drill before and recalls all of the answers, all that I can suggest is that you find the parts manual for your machine and for whatever candidate 10" machines you have found the carriage assemblies of and see if any of the part numbers match.


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Oct 18, 2016
I think Robert pretty much has it right. Even if the 10” carriage fits across the ways, the height will be wrong and I suspect the 12” saddle is heavier and more rigid. You could try calling Scot Logan and discussing that with him.
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