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which knurling tool for Atlas 6"


Aug 16, 2016
I just picked up a knurling tool for my Atlas 10100 Mk.2 on ebay and am wondering if I got the correct one ?? Craftsman #2036 or 2202 ?? I tried several different search parameters here & on google but couldn't nail it it down. Only thing I had to go on were shank size measurements. I'm using the lantern tool post original to the lathe til I can upgrade to the QC. I was planning on making some pieces as gifts for friends this Christmas so I needed it before the holidays got into full swing. Thanks

T Bredehoft

Active User
H-M Platinum Supporter
Dec 27, 2014
The best knurling tool is a scissors type, but I"m not sure (unless you make your own, as I did ) that they are available for the Lantern tool holder. The "push" type requires more pressure than is good for your lathe. Oh Yes, you can use one, but I wasn't happy with the incomplete knurls I was able to get on my MK2.


Global Moderator
Staff member
H-M Lifetime Diamond Member
Nov 27, 2012
IMO cut knurlers are the best. But due to their cost they are usually not practical for hobby guys. I love my scissor knurler but this reminds me that I still need to find time to play with the 2 brand new Integi cut knurlers I scored a while back.
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