Why do i keep beating DEATH , CURSED OR BLESSED

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May 4, 2015
Haven't been on much after some changes distressed me. But I did make some friends here. Some have died adding to my sorrow . So I decided to update my past three months. I've been seeing a pain Dr at Jefferson hospital in Philly, near October 21 I had a fallow up visit after getting a tens unit for pain. It did absolutely nothing for pain. So he gave me a round of shots in my back muscles 5 areas while sitting in my wheelchair with my son in law holding me over. About three days after excruciating burning pain started at one of the injection sights. Then it kept spreading and building in pain. So 911 to hospital in Voorhees xrays cat scan showed mass behind my lung . They biopsied it found blood , no problem body will absorb the blood. Pumped full of morphine with pain and burning spreading in my back ,, like acid burns,, so they refused to do more and told me to get out. After another month the burning slowly started going away. Till ten days ago when I couldn't breath and turning caused me to blackout from pain. My wife was scared this time she called 911 taken to virtua hospital Marlton . There my blood count was extremely low cat scan showed collapsed lung. So the lung Dr asked why , I told him I think the pain Dr cut my lung and it's been bleeding for two months . They thought it was infection. I said ill bet it's blood only. Well he put the drain in and out came over three litres of blood at one time 100 ounces three quarts. Over the next three days an additional litre drained but left clots . So it's operate or clot buster drugs to clean those out over three more days in icu . With my luck before the last batch of clot buster they insisted on moving me around in the bed you guessed it nurses yanked the drain tube out. After xrays and consultations they figure what's left shouldn't affect my breathing to badly. But I'm home working deep breathing to help my lungs . Shooting shots in my belly to get my inr where it's wanted. The first hospital left me to die , Dr said one more week I'd been gone. So pain Dr says it couldn't happen well it did , and while there my care Dr told me another one had come in with collapsed lung by pain injections only her lung was stabbed and collapsed from the outside even more painful.
Anybody doubt my luck or curse. We will see how this turns out there gonna pay , I suffered terrible and treated like a drug addict by drs and hospital. And the pain Dr was contacted first.


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Oct 4, 2016
Welcome back, terrible ordeal to go through.
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