Wood Splitter on 3 Point Hitch

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Jan 17, 2012
A few years ago I made a splitter that attached to the Bobcat I had at the time. The Bobcat had the hydraulic lines in place, so I used it's hydraulics.

I have since sold the Bobcat and now have a L2550 Kabota. The hydraulic pump isn't very big and I doubt would have enough flow.

So I can cut off the plate that attached to the Bobcat and weld on a bottom bar and a top link to mount it on the hitch, but I will need a tank and a means of a pump. The tank isn't so much of an issue, but I need to drive a pump off of the PTO. This tractor does have a 1000rpm gear for the PTO, but I think I should gear a pump higher, I'm thinking by chain and sprockets. I know there are PTO pumps available, but they are much more expensive that a shaft driven pump. There is one PTO pump that is not too expensive but I wonder about the quality since it is almost half the money of a Pierce or the like.

So I'm spinning my wheels here wondering if someone here has some ideas. Perhaps some pics of similar projects?


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I think its an L3000 DT that I have, your right the pump on these tractors is too small for much other than the loader. I built a splitter similar to what your suggesting.


The photo is 10 or 12 years old, doesn't look as shinny now.
To get enough flow I mounted a pump on the front of the tractor and drive it off the crank. Mine has a spline (odd metric one that I had to get a mate from Kubota) on the front of the crank. The pump bolts to the frame, everything was in alignment so I used chain couplers on either end of a short driveshaft to drive it. There was enough room ahead of the rad to mount a small tank to feed the system. The lines run to the back with a valve to let the oil circulate when the flow isn't needed.


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