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XSY-AT1 VFD fault code


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Jun 12, 2014
Need a picture of your VFD and wiring. Make sure there is NO neutral wire connected to the VFD. Ground is always to the metal case/designated PE (protected earth). Some VFDs specify which terminals are to be connected to the single phase power in, so like on the 240VAC single phase HItachi WJ200 it is L1 and N, but N is to be connected to the other phase of your 240VAC not neutral, which is a common wiring fault I see. If it is wired for 240VAC correctly, then chances are the VFD is faulty. I have worked with a few people who have purchased this VFD and could never get them to run decently with their 3 phase motors.



May 26, 2019
Ok got it going p08 p09 password and downtime stop when you unplug or outage. P10 and p11 I was able to set to the panel to get it going I still have input whatever parameters for my motor and switches .
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