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Gallery comments

  • IMG_1871.JPG
    Split bushing made to hold an eccentric part. I need too machine ring groove wider
  • IMG_0794
    Cardboard templates were fashioned from photos on E-Bay and used to lay out the shape for some home made "Kant Twist" clamps.
  • IXL Leader lathe
    Out of storage, after a few years.
  • P1000834
    This photo shows a set of Tee nuts, threaded rods, and nuts and clamps I made to fit the rotary table. The white piece is a jig made for lifting...
  • Motorized jig on ways to fine tune the ER-40 collet using a grinding wheel set at 8 degrees.
    This photo shows my set up to grind the inside of the ER-40 collet holder while mounted in the mill. I made some ways on the jig to run the...
Container Above bottom breadcrumb