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I Weep For The Future....


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He is absolutely lucky he had a friend who was so absolutely quick with that Stop button or he would absolutely have no leg left. Absolutely idiot!

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Seen this one too!

He now know's how much torque/power that 3 HP motor puts out! Or 2 HP....


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Doubtful. Just a couple airheads being stupid and/or trying to show off.

Kids seem to "film" everything these days. Part of the "look at me" generation. At least that's what I've taken to calling them lately......
Sorry. I forgot to put in the smiley face. It was intended to be a sarcastic comment. On a more serious note, it appears to me that it was a setup as I can not imagine why someone would be filming a chuck removal, in which case it is a qualifier for the Darwin award.


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I'd bet that fool was boasting that he could stop the chuck from rotating. Lucky the lathe didn't just wad his leg up into a lump then twist it off.
Our shop teacher in high school always said "Everybody has one thing they do better than anything else. Try this on for size.", and hand a push broom to the idiots who wouldn't run the woodworking machines safely.

The Liberal Arts Garage

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Pleased to admit Conceit; my father ,and then I taught every child ( and every
childish adult within reach or hearing ) to quickly analyse, "before use, as the
bottle says" as many unfortunate possibilities as you can think of.....BLJHB.


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Yes I saw this before with a write up. He is trying to hold the spindle to show of how strong he is. Honly achieve showing how weak his mind is. Very lucky was he!
I hope somebody slapped him for this and he learnd to have more respect for the spinning things.


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Horrendous, How lucky he was he will never know, With the speed he went over that lathe he could easily have cracked open his skull or broken his neck, Not to mention escaping that horrendous fate, he could easily have been an amputee or in a wheelchair


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Whatever happened to common sense? These guys obviously don't have it.

Tom S
right on Tom, problem is this whole thing today is down the tolet my opinion. Myselft in school i screwed up
I'd get cracked. Then the ole man would crack me side the head again for being stupid. Today the teacher & the old man gets
charged with abuse. Example of humans dumb and dumber. My cat lays on the wood stove. I light wood stove, now cat lays
on the floor in front of wood stove. I never tought the cat- stoves got hot ? Then a child sticks their hand on it then its the parents
fault ? Back when I was in the police academy one of my comrades spoke when he wasn't spoken to, and they threw him in
the dumpster all day 8hrs =mess hall fish/ garbage on him and ya better be back with clean clothes "boy"! Ok little extreme
BUT they owned you. Did my buddie learn Yes and don't look the drill sgt. in the eyes or ya will do 50 on the spot. And don't
go home a cryin ta momma then ya get 50 more. This was like schools in the 40's 50's. They were not there to harm, but
rather find one's good/ bad points then that was corrected. Thats why i respect my father,teachers& drill sgts.
modern times UGG !

Bevis sticks his finger in a table saw in school, blood and fingers start a flyin: Buthead : COOL do it again

Tubal Cain quote "the dissemination of America"
Tubal Cain quote "kids in school mounted up on a shaper" gittie up go " their ya go

just rambling waiting for global warming yep 15 degrees sa pouse to be spring >nope


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GK1918 I somewhat agree with you. Teaching our kids how to get through life has evolved into allowing them to be "free thinkers". Problem is making decisions without experience or guidance results in what is shown in the video. In reality nothing is really "free". Somewhere along the line you must "pay" whether it be with dollars or ???

Tom S


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born in 65, I was raised with it being ok to be a free thinker, however we were taught that there are consiquences for your thoughts and actions. We also were held responsible for them. Now it is always someone elses fault. "there was no warning lable that said don't do that".
The simple beauty in this video is first the guy was not hurt very bad. Second it is a fine example of the old teaching that the machine has no brain. It can not tell the opperator from the part. The third and what I find most beautiful is the instant consiquence, and education for his actions. Much like doing the wrong thing in front of my Father (one second you thought you were slick next you were on the floor)