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Safety reminder


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It isn't just the equipment that can eat you. Monday I got 6 stitches in my hand when using a hacksaw to cut off a nub on the end of a part chucked in the lathe. It was chattering too bad, so I whipped out the old manual hacksaw...for a quickie cut. I forgot about the counter bore, so when I thought I still had about 1/4" of steel it was really breaking through to the hollow interior...so it let go unexpectedly and my follow through took my knuckle into the back of the cutoff blade still conveniently in the toolpost and not far enough out of the way. A lathe cutoff blade may not be knife sharp, but if you 'punch it' hard enough it will cut you to the bone.

Just another reminder to be careful out there guys!


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wow I learned the hard way too many years back about leaving drills in a tailstock the very same way. pulling a piece out of a collet and come across a sharp drill point several stiches later. I learned take the time to remove the drill, when doing something such as that!