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Shop Sharps

Mark in Indiana

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Hi Friends,

Often there are nails, screws, pop rivet stems, box cutter blades, etc. that wind up on the floor and sometimes end up in a tire or maybe in your foot. I learned this the hard way with a pop rivet stem on my motorcycle tire. That was a 40$ lesson plus my time. As a rule, I keep a sealable container at the bench to put all of these sharps in. After the container is full, it's sealed, disposed of responsibly and safely.



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More of a lesson in sweeping your shop regularly. My shop is just the back room of my house. My kids tend to run through all the time so I sweep up every 30 minutes or so and keep a rough mat for scraping chips out of shoes and boots. I keep all my chips and scrap in a bucket. Eventually when there is enough, I will smelt it into some Ingots for general metal work.