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Tail stocks

Bill Gruby

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The size of the tailstock will give the buyer some insight into the quality of the lathe. Not so much as how large it is but how rigid it is for the size. More rigidity, less vibration.

"Billy G"


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No vibration to speak of on the Colchester. A lovely machine but most of the accessories weigh more than me so can be a difficult to set up sometimes!

British Steel

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Model C number 13 (so roughly 13x28 in Merkin parlance), bit of a labour of love rolling-rebuild! VFD to get 415 from 240 (hacked, not hideously overpriced Drives Direct or whatever, it seems to be the same mod' though and cost me 50p to do) with a home-brew control box full of tacho', motor current meter, switches, relays and pot's to do Clever Things like near-constant surface speed (slider pot on the cross-slide) and jogging, overspeed to get 2500 RPM for short periods or underspeed to get 2.2 RPM (cogs a bit), still hunting for the accessory change-gears for DP and Module threads, pair of steadies (will have to make 'em I think, rarer than hen's teeth / rocking-horse droppings / honest politicians). Purists will probably complain about the paintjob, bright red (doesn't show the blood) with a white bathtub featuring St George's cross...

I have an adaptor to put the topslide on an angle plate (then bolt a small tilting machine vice to it) to do light milling, gives 10.5" of X travel (with power feeds, of course...), 5.5" of Y (manual, sadly :( ) and ooh... 28" of Z with power feeds :rolleyes: It's rotatable too, should I want the Y axis at other than 90* to the X, and big enough to bolt a 6" rotary table on...

I have Further Modifications planned, the Model C didn't come with the single-tooth clutch LH/RH and trips in the feed/threads drive like the B's, T's and H's, there's room for it in the QCGB and under-spindle geartrain though, the hard bit will be making it work on the coarse thread setting (will need something like the machine-gun synchronisers WW1 biplanes had, perhaps from a cam attached to the rear of the spindle, to make it work - in progress!).

Dave H. (the other one)