1. M

    Looking For Advice To Widen Groove on Bearing

    Hello, I'm new here and just a novice with understanding of the basics. I have 8 u-joint cups that I need to machine on my lathe, to fit my lawn tractor. In the attached picture, the blue arrow is showing a groove that I need to widen 0.040" to fit my driveshaft yoke. The material is quite...
  2. vtcnc

    Stanley - Common Cuts in Wood, Chart No. 108 2020-07-24

    Stanley Toolworks, from the Educational Department of The Stanley Rule & Level Plant. Source: Tim Svoboda Original size 8"x10-1/2"
  3. M

    Milling an Accurate Circular Groove

    Greetings Machinists, I am trying to get a circular groove cut for a small mold I'm making (like for a lego brick). I use circular interpolation, but it comes out as an oval (out about .005”). How would I achieve an accurate circular groove? Here is a picture of the CAD model: Details: .8...
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