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Scraping in all bearing surfaces on my Wards/Logan 10"
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I've been working on my lathe off and on over the past several weeks or months, but I've been hesitant to start a thread documenting my progress (or lack thereof!) for fear of embarrassing myself. I'm increasingly confident that I'm going to end up with a very precise lathe rather than a very large pile of cast iron dust and tears, so I'm finally willing to share my progress. After creating a new cross-slide for my lathe some time ago, I'd already spent a lot of time scraping in the...
KO-Lee Cutter/Grinder Revamp
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Perhaps you've seen this from other photos... It's a KO-Lee cutter grinder. It's a good platform and the table and all mechanisms are in excellent condition. I don't think this machine was used much in it's lifetime as there are very few signs of wear (hardly any at all really). The motor is the weak link. The bearings are going bad and vibration can be felt in the short shaft. The long shaft is OK. The seller told me about this when I got it. I'm guessing someone bumped a wheel...
Restoring an old powered hacksaw
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Figured I'd share my restoration project! I've always found these old machines quite cool and when a neighbour offered me a defective one for free, I couldn't say no! :D This is the machine as I got it, it runs but won't lower the sawblade so you have to manually push it against the work piece, which becomes quite the challenge and dangerous as heck when it's moving back and forth. The thick bars protruding on the side are from an automatic feed system that's been cut off. By pure chance...
9A project completed
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Some of you guys may remember this little crudball I acquired back in April... I had just completed the last project, the Seneca Falls #30 resto-mod,(project of the month) when this lathe found it's way to me via a friend of a friend. My friend, who is also a tool salesman, showed me a pic of this on his phone, which came from his friend, the seller, who now is a retired tool room supervisor. He had this in his back building just taking up space and wanted the room for some of his...
Clausing 1771 Drill Press Restoration
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I picked up a Clausing variable speed drill press from a Craigslist ad. I offered the guy $200.00 and he accepted. The drill press was in decent overall condition, and had a new motor on it. I disassembled the machine and cleaned up and painted everything. Mechanically, it was in very good condition, and the only real repair work I did was to straighten a few of the handle arms. One really nice feature is the table lift, which works great on that heavy table (btw: the table doesn't...
Two Timer Build
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After I finished my crankshaft build last week I asked for ideas of an engine to build around it. There were no replies except for this. At least you know how many cylinders. ;) Robert Yes thank you Robert I was thinking along those lines myself. I don't know what this engine will turn out to look like but I want to show off the crankshaft so area will be open. I want to try my hand at water cooling the block using a radiator of some sort with a pump. The stroke is already set at 1.500...
Machinist Jacks
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So another tool crossed off the 'To Do' list. Made a pair of machinist jacks, and wanted to post a few pics. I started by turning down some 1.250" diameter Heat Treated 4140 and made the screw/head pieces first. That way I could measure my thread pitch and make sure it was within proper 2A specs. Then I drilled the top of the heads to accept some .375" diameter bushings with a .0005" press fit. After that, I turned the jack bodies down to 1.200". With the screw threads already done...

CNC Lathe Build

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The gear hobber project is on hold for awhile. I've decided, for various reasons, that I need (no, no, no - not want, but need) a CNC lathe. I will spare you the long ranging logic behind my reasons for building a CNC lathe from scratch, but suffice to say it boils down to money and what I think I need.
Small Bench Top Hydraulic Press (10 ton X 8")
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... for the small stuff (waiting on the Enerpac).
CNC Lathe Servo Spindle Upgrade
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It's time to upgrade our CNC lathe spindle motor. This has been in the planning stage for the last year or so. When we did the controls retrofit on the machine a couple of years ago we lost what C axis capability we originally had. The lathe has live tooling and can do some light milling. A ''C'' axis is the spindle rotational axis and has the ability to index the spindle accurately, or coordinate the rotation of the spindle axis with the X and Z axes for milling shapes. Without the C...
Machining work bench
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Hey Guys, so I finally got a decent tool box to hold my machining tooling... Craftsman 41inch tool chest... I used my mill to drill out holes in the front and back pieces of the frame. The holes on the bottom frame will be for leveing feet... I cut to length some 3/4in steel round stock and pre-drilled to size the ID for threading. Next the round stock was welded in place and threads cut through the whole 2.5in length... pre-fit of leveling feet... I used the same process for the...
Angle Plate Fixtures for Atlas Horizontal Milling Machine
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I've been putting off another project for more than year and finally committed to getting started. In order to machine the base casting for the project, I decided to make some angle plate fixtures to bolt down to my Atlas Horizontal Milling Machine. The base casting needs to be flipped several times and spun due to the limited travel 6" x 9" on my Atlas. Here is the mockup renderings I made in Fusion 360 to plan my angle plate design: The pair of finished plates installed and ready for...
Home Built Die Filer
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I started this about six months ago. I'd seen pictures of the Pine Grove (MLA-18). I decided I didn't want to spend quite that much, so after talking to Andy at Pine Grove, I had him send me the drawings and decided to try to build one out of materials I had on hand rather than use his beautiful casting kit. This is what I ended up with. Here's a video of it running.
Edwards Radial 5 build thread --- PHOTOS!
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Episode 1 || Introduction to My Build Thread Background After a brief search through the archives, I was a bit surprised that nobody had documented their journey building an Edwards Radial 5-cylinder engine. These engines are reasonably complex and time consuming to construct, but as (1) detailed drawings are freely available and (2) it's a 'billet engine' requiring no castings, it tends to be a project commonly tackled by hobbyists like us (here's one nice example). There are...
New bike project.
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New project, a bike with a motor this time, I’ve been working on this for a while so done quite a bit so far. It’s been 20 years since I sat or worked on a bike, last one was a Triumph Bonny, they just cost too much these days so I settled for a 74 TX650 wreck and boy did it turn out to be a wreck. I have psoriatic arthritis so I’ve largely lost the use of my hands but I manage a few hours work on it every day. I’ll never be able to ride it thanks to the PsA so this will be a long term...
A Straddle Knurler for the Sherline Lathe
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A Straddle Knurler for the Sherline Lathe The Sherline lathe is far more capable than most people know. I have explored the limits of this amazing lathe for the last 30 years and while I’m sure of what it can do, I am not so sure of what it can’t do because I’m still building tools for it. With the proper turning tools, it will take 0.120” off the diameter in mild steel or 0.200” in aluminum in a single roughing pass, then it will take off 0.0001” accurately using just the hand wheels. It...
Putting the ELS3 (Electronic Lead Screw ) on a LMS-3536 Lathe
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This project has a number of steps - I'll divide it into sections so you don't get overloaded!! Ever since I had my first machine shop in the 80's (Sheldon 10x36) I've had the bug to build or get an Electronic Lead Screw. Back then the tech was so "low" that I couldn't begin to afford or think of it. In 2012 I became aware of the Arduino and mcu's in general, and began tinkering... and the dream of my "Digital Gear Box" of the '80's came to life again! Back then all I could think about...
Scraping in all bearing surfaces on my Wards/Logan 10"
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  • 68
I've been working on my lathe off and on over the past several weeks or months, but I've been hesitant to start a thread documenting my progress (or lack thereof!) for fear of embarrassing myself. I'm increasingly confident that I'm going to end up with a very precise lathe rather than a very large pile of cast iron dust and tears, so I'm finally willing to share my progress. After creating a new cross-slide for my lathe some time ago, I'd already spent a lot of time scraping in the...
1/6th scale 1890's 30ft navy steam cutter (live steam)
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this project started 10 years back when I found the plan book for navy boats 1900,, 2 years ago I came in contact with a full scale steam expert who had the engine and engineering plans.. the 30ftr and 1/6th scale was decided on because a Stuart Turner compound twin engine block is very very close in size.. brass lost wax castings have been completed to convert the ST engine kit to the navy type engine.. while waiting on things, work on the hull brass and fittings has been started.. hope...
My Jeroen Jonkman’s Stirling 60 brass Stirling engine build
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The raw materials... Used a Dremel type diamond cut off wheel to cut the Pyrex test tube to the required length. Some fun with the rotary table. One of the first things I did was make this plate to hold some of these small parts. These adjustable parallels were just the right size to add some support. Cut these 0.047" diameter pins by taking a heavy, single cut. You lose a little stock finding the correct depth of cut, but once you find it they will come out right on...
A Boring Primer
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Boring on the Lathe for (New) Hobby Guys A Primer Being able to bore an accurate hole on the lathe is an important skill every hobby guy should have. We may not need to bore a precision hole all that often but when we need to, we should be able to. As we all know, that is easier said than done. I don’t know about you guys but when I started I didn’t really understand how a boring bar actually worked. I certainly didn’t know how to choose them and I didn’t know how to use them because...
Home-made CNC lathe using servos
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This is a thread about CNC Lathe I recently built. This is my first CNC machine, and obviously, I’m not a CNC guru. Being an engineer, I prefer more practical ways of making things rather than R&D approach with investing plenty of time, money and energy. This is also why I use simple and robust ideas instead of diving deep into unique ones and solving the problems just created. I started with Atlas lathe bed I bought on ebay. This bed has pretty wide (1-1/2”) flat ways, so one can easily...
Making Frank's Cranks
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Finally got around to taking some photos of my process as I make some of my string winding cranks. Here's one with a koa handle: These cranks feature a soft head made of low density polyethylene, an angle of 83-degrees to simulate wrist rotation, and a solid bearing in the handle. Interestingly, one of the first questions I get about them is, "How do you achieve that angle?" So, I'll start the description with that in mind. . . The only commercially made part is the little brass ball...
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