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January Project of the Month [3]
  1. MasaAMD

    [Mill] Waber Tools Zip-Cut Vertical Mill - Upgrades and Mods (DRO, Riser and more)

    **Updated Feb 18 2017** Hello everyone! I wanted to create a continuation to my restoration thread for my newly acquired Zip-Cut mill. Its been a few weeks and I've been slowly tooling up and getting a feel for how it handles different cutters and materials. It's a great little machine and fits...
  2. MasaAMD

    [How do I?] Drum Switch Wiring Done, Help Switching Dual Voltage Motor To 115v (1 Phase)

    ***Edit*** Drum switch wiring has been resolved. See post #4 (http://www.hobby-machinist.com/threads/drum-switch-wiring-done-help-switching-dual-voltage-motor-to-115v-1-phase.54152/#post-449303) for wiring diagram. New issue is trying to switch the motor over to 115v ***Edit*** So I've been...
  3. MasaAMD

    [Documentation] Zip-cut Vertical Mill - My First Mill + Resto (lots Of Pictures)

    Hello everyone! I just recently acquired my first vertical mill in a local estate sale. The mill is a Zip-Cut Vertical Mill made by Waber Tool & Engineering Co. Not sure of the vintage or how many of these were produced, but myself and ZIPandGRIZZ seem to own the only two out there. There is...
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