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January Project of the Month [3]
  1. Ulma Doctor

    [Deals] Vintage B&s 5' Camelback Straightedge

    Hi Again, The generosity of the people of the forum is really unbelievable. I'm writing this thread in praise of a member that has offered me a great deal on a large camelback straightedge. The members call sign is Scruffy! http://www.hobby-machinist.com/members/scruffy.25115/ I have never met...
  2. Ulma Doctor

    [Noteworthy] Scraping In A Precision Straight Edge

    Hello again, i started another project that will enable me to do more projects, scraping in a precision straight edge. it's dimensions are 2 9/16" wide x 15" long x 3/4" thick! the straight edge has a 60* dovetail on one side, for use as a reference when scraping dovetails. A member, John...
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