mill dro

  1. 2018-08-20_17-22-03_003.jpg


    Initial install of used PM-727M
  2. H

    Rf-30 Dro Install - Way Cover Ideas

    I've installed the X-axis scale on the back of the table and am challenged to come up with a way cover design that will work. RF-30 Y-axis ways (2) by heli_av8tor posted Nov 21, 2016 at 10:02 AM Here is the exposed ways with the Y axis extended away from the column. RF-30 Y-axis ways (1) by...
  3. MonkMan

    [Mill] Gmc Manual Knee 9" X 39" Vert. & Horiz. Mill

    GMM-939SPKG Does anyone know about this machine? comes complete with 2X dro, x axis power feed, coolant system,etc. AND free shipping. all for around $5800....looks to be some deal! am I missing something here? I checked several sites and the money was about the same Thanks
  4. middle.road

    [Metrology] Touchdro - Controller - Glass Scales

    I'm starting this thread hoping to generate a detailed blow-by-blow account of setting up TouchDRO with Ditron Glass Scales. After the scales are up and running I plan on adding a tachometer to the setup, but for now going to keep it simple. I'm not exactly sure of which controller to use, or...
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