WTB Jacobs Rubber Flex 91-C4 (D1-4) and/or 91-C5 (D1-5)


H-M Supporter - Gold Member
H-M Supporter Gold Member
Jun 10, 2019
I'm looking to buy a 91-C4 (D1-4 mount) or a 91-C5 (D1-5 mount) Jacobs Rubber Flex chuck. Let me know what you've got!
Not sure what model I have. It is a flat back Rubberflex chuck mounted to a D1-5 backplate. I would consider selling it along with a few collets.
@Illinoyance - could you please send pictures? Especially of the back of the chuck; I can't tell from your description if its native D1-5 or if its been modified/using an adapter plate.
It might be a little while before I can send pix. The chuck is definitely a flt back style and is fitted to Di-5 backplate. The backplate is roughly 8" in diameter.
Not a problem if it takes some time, I appreciate it! As far as I know these chucks never had a universal flat back per se; the closest might be the American Standard mount? Anyway - I'll look forward to see what you've got.
Keena . There is a D-1 4 or 5 up in the consignment area of Cabin Fever . Saw it today and it was fairly cheap and had all the collets included . I have to run up again tomorrow but I'll pm you .
Saw your note - many thanks for recalling my post! I dropped you a line; feel free to call/text or DM.
Hey keeena , got your message . I am home now and the show closed at 5 . The Jacobs and flex chucks did not sell , listed at $250 so the guy took them out .