Tap Wrench


Feb 4, 2021
Hey Guys(and Gals),

Looking for a drawing for a tap wrench for a 1-inch tap. Probably will cover a range of sizes, but that is the target. I like the "Old Tony" design because of its simplicity. There are some drawing for a smaller size here:

but, I am unsure where dimensions I should scale up and which I can leave as is.

Please share your experiences with me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend,

My 1" tap measures .60" across the flats and my 1-1/8" taps are .67" across the flats. My largest tap wrench will accommodate a .70"square. The handles are 1/2" diameter with an overall wrench length of 19".
I don’t think you can leave anything as-is. The anvils definitely need to be made wider since the tap shank is larger. You need to make sure the tap clears the threaded sections when installed for the largest size tap you want to use with that wrench.

The larger taps will have significantly more torque required, so thicker and longer handles will be needed, that will mean a thicker anvil to accommodate the larger threads. Kennametal has a torque calculator you can use to determine how much torque is needed and determine how long you want to make the handles. The trade off is how easy you want it to tap vs how much room you have for swinging a larger wrench.