1. B

    Resolved Viewing Attached Files

    I have never understood why some forums require you to be logged in to view photos, and other attached files. Is there a reason to keep a casual browser from seeing attached files? If not can that be changed for this site?
  2. F

    Unknown lathe tool/attachment, help!

    Hi everyone! Got a box of lathe tools and bits the other day, found in it a unknown(to me) lathe(probably) tool/attachment. Please see pictures. Can anyone help please? I am guessing that is a spring winding attachment, but if it is, I have no idea how to use it. And probably some parts are...
  3. Eddyde

    Garrett Wide Range Attachment (AKA, Garrett Millerette) for Lathes.

    This rare dividing attachment came along with the South Bend Lathe I just bought,I searched the internet and came up with not much information on it other than it is a milling/dividing attachment and was listed in the South Bend catalogs in the 1930's (I haven't checked other decades yet). It...
  4. cascao

    Scrapyard Milling Attachment

    It is made by an lathe top slide attached in a big angle bolted to my cross slide. The images talk by themselfs.