fun with wood

  1. Ulma Doctor

    Full Size Bed Frame, From Scratch

    My son has said that he has outgrown his (twin sized) race car bed, and wished for a big boy bed. after looking on Amazon for mattresses , i decided to construct the bed frame. i saw a bunch of bed frames in the search, but they all looked cheesy and cheap. so i did the next best thing, i spent...
  2. Ulma Doctor

    Furniture Repair, Yeah I Do That

    i'm certainly no carpenter, and definitely not a furniture maker. my brother has a dresser drawer that had a dovetail slide under the drawer that had broken. the problem is that the female half of the dovetail has a very thin cross section at the base of the dovetail. to compound the problem...
  3. FullSizeRender_1.jpg


    log reindeer
  4. Ulma Doctor

    Plywood Bats and Ravens ,OH MY!

    I did some messing around in the shop, but in plywood this time. i used 5mm plywood from the Big Box Store, and got some clip art from the internet. i cut out the clip art and used packing tape to secure the trace to the plywood and cut the figures out. i used regular spray paint and made all of...
  5. Ulma Doctor

    Wooden Turkey????

    it's been a while since i chewed on some sawdust. so i took care of that in short order! Happy Thanksgiving to All!
  6. Ulma Doctor

    Recycled Wood Recycle Bin

    My son came to me yesterday and asked me if i could build him a recycle bin for cans and bottles. I told him, i'll make the best one i can, using the wood i got here! apparently he is learning about recycling at school . i couldn't resist the opportunity to make something useful and recycling at...
  7. Ulma Doctor

    Adjustable Plywood Led Lamp From Scraps

    I'm at it again, doing stuff to amuse myself. i came up with a plywood lamp from scraps a couple weeks ago and called it MK I. it worked just fine, but i thought i installed the wrong lamp hood... so i decided to remedy that with, a new hood and improvements to the lamp socket mounting! note...
  8. Ulma Doctor

    Homemade Ab Roller, By Ulma Doctor

    A flash of inspiration came over me, this weekend past. from my mind, came the idea of constructing an ab roller from materials i had laying around. this is the progression, enjoy! I started with hot rolled steel, 3/4" diameter. the bearings 2) 6303-RS C3, i had chosen them for sheer abundance...
  9. Ulma Doctor

    Reclaimed Wood Toolbox, Mostly

    Toolbox From Scrap! (mostly scrap anyway) i was out messing around in the shop today and started the build for a much needed box for some of my woodworking tools. i used a combination of scrap 1/2" plywood for the sides and floor, some 1x4's from a shipping crate for the rear panel and...
  10. Ulma Doctor

    Fence Board Snow People!

    I made some Snow People from cedar fence boards 3/4" thick i used a planer to smooth the faces of the boards then, i used a jigsaw to cut the head shapes out. Painting was accomplished by roller and exterior latex paint for the main color, then accented with hobby acrylic paints. you can't...
  11. Ulma Doctor

    Wooden Reindeer!!!

    My neighbor brought me a wooden reindeer to see, that his grandfather had made in the 1980's. i thought it was so cool that i asked him if i could copy the reindeer and make them for other friends and family. he was stoked that i could reproduce them and gave the blessing. i purchased a 1/2...
  12. Ulma Doctor

    Replacement Wooden Train Track Replicas , Reclaimed Oak

    I made 3 copies of a piece of straight track for my sons favorite trains. the oak was reclaimed from a pallet and planed and sawn to the dimension of the track it was copied from. i used a 10" table saw to cut the blank into thirds of equal width and length. a vintage Dremel #57-2 Moto...
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