Cheap easy 109 repair

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Dec 31, 2014
After watching eBay / Craigslist for a while I found good deal on a 109. 21270. It was almost 2 hours away but one of my co-workers lives about 20 minutes away and covered me for the purchase price of $300.00 and picked it up for me. It was complete and seemed to have very little use on it. It came with a box of brand new change gears a face plate 2 drive dogs a 4 jaw chuck a 3 jaw with both sets of jaws and a couple different dead centers. It also came with a cute little Dunlap drill press and a Dunlap motor that has a post that catches hooks that mount to the bench for the motor to pivot on. I took it completely apart and cleaned everything lubed and reassembled it. The spring for the detent ball for the back gear pin lock was mangled and I couldn't find one that would work, I decided to cut a small piece of O-ring to replace the spring and so far so good. I am going to fab up a jackshaft and wire a reversing switch in but I look forward to using it . TJ
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