Cordia Drill Press info wanted


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Apr 16, 2019
The fellow who gave me the surface grinder also had a Cordia drill press , I didn’t want it but asked if he would mind if he would want to donate it to our club The head was already removed so loading was easy . Just looking at the machine it appears to have a 3 speed electric switch , maybe since the motor is 3 phase . There is a mechanical speed lever but doesn’t move . I didn’t want to force it and break something. Possible that if it’s mounted on the column in an upright position or maybe the electric switch has some kind of mechanical interlock built in . I couldn’t find any threads here on HM nor doing a web search . Theres a dealer tag saying it was sold to Bell Labs which thought was pretty cool . Here’s some pictures so if anyone has experience with this brand or model would be appreciated


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I know nothing about them but dang, that thing is beefy. Looks like a milling head almost.

Looks like they were made in Germany (maybe still are, not sure) and are a type of gear-head pillar drill. I can’t find any original sales info yet but I’m sure there is some out there — still looks like a pretty solid market for used ones though. I suspect as others have that that is a very nice piece of equipment. I’d think hard about not hanging onto it.

Very nice! The only way I’d get rid of that is if it’s broken with no way to fix. The gear shift might be one that needs to be going to shift. BTW, YOU SUCK :)
Nice score!
That looks like a good, heavy duty machine.
Any drill press that isn't a belt driven job (not including a reeves drive) is worth looking in to.
I hope you can save it.
It does seems heavy duty . I’ll be showing the members pictures Monday when we all get together for our “ work day “ . I told the fellow who donated it that if for some reason the club doesn’t want it I’ll try selling it and give the club the money . The drill press they have now to use is more suited for a display in the steam shed lol
Just an update , they didn’t want the drill press to use at the club but one member did donate money for it for his home shop . He put an VFD on it , the the 2 speed gear box freed up . He said he couldn’t believe how smooth and quiet it runs . I’m glad the club got some money and a good volunteer now has it